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    Medical Aesthetic Center
    Premium cosmetology clinic in the heart of Yorkville.

    Safe non-invasive cosmetology performed by experts using the best equipments and cosmetics.

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    Rufina Kraychik, the founder and the lead specialist of RK Medical Aesthetic Centre is a Canadian medical cosmetology pioneer and world-renowned aesthetic expert with over 40 years of experience. She delivers remarkable results in battling aging processes, enhancing women’s beauty and boosting their health.

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    Complimentary Consultation

    Our specialist will meet with you to discuss your goals, devise personalized treatments and offer outstanding solutions for you and your body.

    1. Identify

    We identify your goals and desires.

    2. Analyze

    We analyze the structure of your skin, face and body.

    3. Personalize

    We develop an individual treatment program.

    Complimentary Consultation

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      How we work



      Successful treatment starts with a good diagnostic, our specialist first assesses your skin condition to set your goals and to create the treatment program most adapted to your needs.



      Once you have settled comfortably onto the treatment table, our expert prepares your skin with cosmetics selected specifically for your skin and then begins the treatment. All you have to do is relax.



      To maximize the results of your treatments you will be offered cosmetics selected and made for you. Apply them daily. The stimulation delivered during the treatment allows your skin to be more receptive to the cosmetic active ingredients.


      Rufina has become my new skin guru. Her anti-ageing collagen-stimulating treatments are the best on the continent. Rufina employs the most cutting edge equipment, products and is incredibly informed in all to do with skincare. Her techniques are avant-garde and her homemade Miracle Eye Cream has changed not only my skin but also my Mother’s! As an actress, the camera sees everything and Rufina’s treatments have helped me restore youth and elasticity to my face. After only six treatments my skin is refreshed and rested despite my arduous schedule of being a mother and a working actress. I can’t recommend Rufina highly enough, so do your face a favour and see Rufina!
      Nazneen Contractor
      – Hollywood Actress

      Deeply respected Rufina!
      You do real magic with your hands! I’ve never seen results from the very first treatment. You see beyond the skin and know exactly what I need. I came to you a patient just under 50 and left with the appearance of a 30-year-old – beautiful lifted cheeks, skin became smooth and pink again instead of grey! Your soul is filled with kindness and love. I feel young, confident and toned again, my eyes are shining! My children and husband were surprised to see me too. After the treatments and our conversations, I was even more motivated to write and achieve bigger results in my business. God bless you! Take care of yourself for all of us, so you can keep making this world beautiful and confident. Without you, the universe would be incomplete! With much respect and love!
      Mirra Radiy
      – Business woman, Author

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        Callback request

        Callback request form

        Fill in the form with your name and your phone number. We will call you back within 12 hours.

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